Artist Statement

At the moment, I am very interested in the elderly and the loneliness during this period of our lives. I lived in Switzerland for 10 years where it was hard for me to connect. People who seemed interested in becoming friends with me were mostly elderly, and through our friendships I discovered their loneliness.

On the other hand, I am also very much interested in the art of so-called ancient eras, which I like to “mention” from time to time and refer to them in my artwork. The drawings of the Renaissance (e.g. Raphael or Albrecht Dürer) are great influences, since they tried to revive the ancient Greek aesthetics.

The two topics do not seem to cooperate at first, but I think the linkage here is time, which I try to visualize in my artwork.


2016 BA in German Literature and Linguistics, Comparative Literature, Hermeneutics – University of Zürich Switzerland

Personal Information

I am half German half Hungarian and I live in San Francisco CA.